You are currently viewing Car Shipping Companies in Dubai

Car Shipping Companies in Dubai

Car Shipping Companies in Dubai

Today we are going to review some best car shipping companies in Dubai. I hope you will enjoy our satisfying reviews by using car shipping to your home or business country.

There is two types of shipping way and also two types of customers that use car shipping services in the UAE.

Two Car Shipping Companies in Dubai Methods.

  1. Sea Freight (Long delivery method)
  2. Air Freight (Fast delivery method)

Two types of customers. 1 is personalized car shipping services consumer and 2nd one is bulk sender for car shipping.

Sea Car Freight in UAE.

if you are looking for the best car shipping companies in Dubai, then let’s get explore someone for you. Before finding a car shipping company we need to understand how we can ship? or how sea freight can be used?

First of all, this is a simple and common way to ship your luxury car in your country. It will take 30-45 days from book to deliver on the port to port, so if you have extra time and you can wait. Then it will be the best way for car shipping.

Sea Car Freight in UAE.
Sea Car Freight in UAE.
Sea Car Freight in UAE.
Sea Car Freight in UAE.
Sea Car Freight in UAE.

How much it will cost for sea car shipping?

It totally depends on your home country, so if you want to move in USA, UK, Germany, then idea it will cost you 7-9000 AED or if you want to move short distance ports then it will cost you 3-5000 AED and its include everything not hidden and extra include.

Sea Car Shipping method most used by car seller and buyers in bulk car sending low cost.

Air Car Shipping from UAE.

I know many of my friends and business praters, that already use air cargo, they can’t wait long as sea car shipping. The aircar shipping only takes 4-6 working days to deliver at your door steps, buy using our cargo

If you have luxury cars and you want to move, then i will recommend you air freight process, this is a very fast and best car shipping method. So finally you can use air car cargo services for your personalized cars.

Air Car Shipping from UAE.
Air Car Shipping from UAE.

Car Shipping Companies in Dubai

As per our positive reviews, we found the 2 best car shipping companies in Dubai, so you can use them as your best and fast car shipping companies in Dubai by closing your eyes.

1 Next Movers Car Shipping UAE.

The Next Movers is one of the best car shipping company in Dubai, it’s established in 2017, but have an expert car shipping team, also the Next Movers working on low-profit rates, which means they will charge you as low as your budget.

The Next Movers offers local moving and packing services too, not only movers and packers, they specialized in cargos services in UAE.

next movers Dubai and UAE

2 BBC Cargo UAE.

Another car shipping company from Dubai, its BBC Cargo, which offers cargo services for cars and all kinds of appliances, etc. So you can use BBC Services on a low cost.

cargo services
cargo services

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