Al hashmi trading

Al hashmi trading

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For five decades, Ahmed Sayed Saleh Al Hashmi Trading, took good care of its legacy and solid reputation of excellence and kept the high standard of quality products in the construction industry. From 1963 till date, the company is proudly a pioneer in producing and trading construction materials in local and international markets.

Al hashmi trading

We are unsurpassed in producing world-class product and services in this field; wholesale or retail. We do, confidently undertake and manage even the largest and most complex projects.

Now, Ahmed Sayed Saleh Al Hashmi Trading has grown bigger and it has excellently completed more than 150 diverse projects within UAE, such as Residential/Commercial Towers, Luxury Villas, High Rise Buildings, and Shopping Malls.

For more years to come, thru Almighty God’s divine providence, we shall continue to be a contributor of the future. We will continue to challenge our self to provide solutions that take the people and the nation’s betterment.


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