Arabian Advanced Systems

Arabian Advanced Systems

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Naseej (Arabian Advanced Systems) is the leading knowledge solutions provider in the Middle East serving the region’s top Academic & Research Institutes, Cultural Centers, Government Organizations and large Corporations since 1989. Naseej delivers world-class solutions and services that enables our partners to manage and share knowledge and information.

Arabian Advanced Systems

Arabian Advanced

At Naseej our vision has always focused on being a true partner to our customers and an active contributor to the spread of knowledge in our societies, with the ultimate goal of empowering organizations and individuals in the Arab world with the tools, technologies, systems, and best practices to manage and share knowledge and information. This vision is reflected in Naseej’s solutions and services, which were carefully designed to address the needs of organizations and individuals along the Knowledge life-cycle, which includes: Knowledge acquisition & capture, Knowledge control & organization, Knowledge search & discovery, Knowledge sharing & dissemination.


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