Diva Abaya Couture

Diva Abaya Couture

City Walk 2 London Street, Unit B07-00-06 Opposite Secret Garden Jumeirah Dubai Dubai UAE

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Diva Abaya Couture is a beautiful global fusion of the most culturally rich heritages in the world where the balance of colors is not only visually stimulating to the eyes and but also the essence of the Abaya is the single-most-defining core element of the Brand and hence the conception of “DIVA Abaya Couture

DIVA ABAYA COUTURE strength lies with its vertical integration. In today’s day and age consumers want the trendiest fashion wear at the most affordable prices.

Diva Abaya Couture offers Luxury Abayas with the same concept. With its own in-house textile fabric & garment manufacturing and its state of the facilities for all kinds of Embroidery & Laser Cut Machines, and primary focus at Hand Craftsmanship we strive to achieve intricate details on each and every Abaya that we create.

We have a dedicated Design Team that gets continuous feedbacks from all the latest fashions trends from all over the world and incorporates them into the design elements to form uniqueness in each and every style. Diva Abaya is a Trend Setter!

From Italian Digital Prints to Russian Wedding Embroideries to French Lace & Jacquard Designs to the latest Pantone Color Trends in Turkey-we get inspiration from all corners of the globe and create the most artistic Abaya, as we believe Abayas are a form of expression.

We use the best of Korean Fabrics such as Nida, Fursan, Salona and various Crepe fabrics with over 100+ cuts in 4 different sizes and boast an extensive range of over 200 styles to make a statement: Diva ABAYA is a one-stop-shop for all age groups from Traditional Classic Plains to Designer Haute Couture!

DIVA is TODAY’s woman who is the heart and soul of every circle she is a part of- be it family, social or at work. Diva is a lifestyle experience of a 21st-century woman who is moving forward with time and yet keeps her traditions at heart. She is full of life, bold, ambitious yet innocent, mysterious and beautiful. Diva is every woman behind the ABAYA who takes pride in her rich traditional cultural values! Welcome to DIVA ABAYA COUTURE- WAFI MALL

Diva Abaya Couture



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