Hala Equipment Trading workshop

Hala Equipment Trading workshop

Shop No. 13, near Caterpillar Signal - Sharjah - United Arab Emirates

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Hala Equipment Trading workshop Vision Auto Spare Parts has its roots going back to the early 90s when the Middle Eastern market was flourishing. Established in the Emirate of Sharjah we specialized in Heavy/Construction, Marine, workshop equipment Spare Parts, Batteries & Tires.

Since then we have grown steadily in to different branches and sectors of Industry Automation. Currently we are a market leader in providing Complete Industrial Solution for Automotive sector.

Hala Equipment

Hala Equipment Trading Workshop

We have established long standing partnerships with many major brands in this industry which include both Original Equipment and prominent Aftermarket names.

We continue to grow and establish stronger foot holds in many more sectors that support the Automotive industry. Keeping us on the pace with the ever-growing technological advancement is our dedicated R&D team that’s working relentlessly and integrating the latest Techs into our operation and there by keeping us always ahead of the game.


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