Mapco Fertilizer Industries FZE

Mapco Fertilizer Industries FZE

Al Ettehad St - Al Hamriyah Free Zone - - Sharjah - - United Arab Emirates

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MAPCO Fertilizer Industries FZE was established in the year of 2005 and became a renowned name in UAE Fertilizer industry. MAPCO has a vast production and marketing infrastructure and produces leading NPK fertilizer brands optimized for local and worldwide cultivation needs. We have a joint venture with B.C Fertilis (Valencia-Spain), Cropper Agra (Spain) and Green Land (China) for the purpose of sharing knowledge and experience to make new sophisticated products. MAPCO is exporting their products to Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East and many other countries.

MAPCO Fertilizer Industries FZE is a basic producer of many mineral fertilizer, such as urea phosphate (UP), Mono potassium phosphate (MKP) and Mono Ammonium phosphate (MAP). Also, we produce NPK Water soluble fertilizers, Suspensions, Foliar, Granular, EDTA items, seaweed base products, TE complexes and many other fertilizer products.


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