Mussiaby Fibreglass Est.

Mussiaby Fibreglass Est.

Mussafah M13 Plot 80 - Abu Dhabi - - United Arab Emirates

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Mussiaby Fibreglass Est.Founded in the year 1989, the Mussiaby Fibreglass Establishment began its operations as a small design, manufacturing and trade business specialised in GRP or Glass Reinforced Plastic, also known as fibreglass. The company made a reputable name for itself, which began in the manufacturing and maintenance of international foodgrade-quality water tanks, lightweight boats and car sheds.

It built on the grounds of ethical conduct, competitive prices and competence in end product quality and post-delivery service, with one bottom-line mission in mind: to give the customers what they need. It continues to do so today with over a dozen ranges of products under its belt. With ‘specialised diversity’ as its unique selling proposition, the sky is the limit for this institution and its valued clients.


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