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XLine Dubai

XLine Dubai, one of the longest, steepest, and fastest zip lines in the world, you can fly belly-down over highways, skyscrapers, and swimming pools throughout the city of Dubai. From Jumeirah Beach Residence to Dubai Marina, riders travel at speeds of up to 50 mph while passing amazing views as they soar through the sky. Tandem rides are also available.


Fly over the highways and skyscrapers of Dubai with Xline! The longest and fastest zip line located in Dubai, you can fly belly-down 1,350m above it all. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or just interested in discovering Dubai through a whole new perspective, this is for you. Do some math: 1,350 meters over 4 to 5 seconds = one seriously fast ride! Test your stomach as you glider from Jumeirah to the Marina district, at a pace of 100km/h whilst facing downwards. Come fly with us!

Featured in Xline Dubai, one of the world’s fastest zip lines is a stomach-churning experience that will make your eyes feel like popping out of your head at 120 kilometers per hour. The experience takes place on a thrilling line over the city of Dubai.

XLine Dubai – Where are we going with this?

Zip Dubai is rated one of the world’s fastest urban ziplines with speeds up to 85km/h. Thanks to a vertical launch and drop, riders are accelerated by gravity alone and reach speeds of up to 70km/h! Named “Longest and Fastest ZIP Line in the World” by Guinness World Records, Heli-Axis Dubai takes thrill-seekers on a 3,359-meter journey across the skyline at 150kph. So buckle up!

Dubai, a city that loves to be the biggest and best in the world, is home to one of the world’s longest, steepest, and fastest urban zip lines. Approximately a mile long, this thrill ride takes adrenaline junkies from the Jumeirah Beach Residence to the Marina from a height of 560 feet at speeds of up to 50 mph. The new zip line can carry two people together at once, so if flying over skyscrapers, highways, malls, and swimming pools isn’t enough, riders can ride tandem with their friends.

XLine Dubai

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Ideal for those with the courage to try something new!

A most memorable sensation?

The XLine Dubai is equipped with an Ultraman-inspired harness, allowing participants to can rest their bodies on the ground as they fly. This is the closest thing to making your dream of flying real.

The best for?

There are some safety guidelines. The zip line isn’t accessible to those under the age of 12 or older than 65. And if you’re not yet 18 you must accompany a valid guardian. Participants must also comply with certain weight and height specifications as a precautionary measure.

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XLine Dubai