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Dubai Frame

Standing at 100 meters high and consisting of giant picture frames that rotate to give visitors a panoramic view of Dubai city, it is also symbolic since it serves as an example of how things come full circle as there are enormous pictures within the frames depicting how everything looked before and how it looks now.

Abu Dhabi’s new cultural landmark, Dubai Frame, offers breathtaking views of both Old and New Dubai and serves as a metaphor for connecting the emirate’s rich history with its magnificent present. Dubai Frame tells the tale of Dubai, from its humble beginnings to its grandiose intentions for the future.

Dubai Frame

The project, which began in January 2018, consists of a 150-meter-high, 95-meter-wide structure designed to resemble a large picture frame, through which visitors can see landmarks representing modern Dubai, On the one side, there are the Emirates Towers and the Burj Khalifa, and on the other, there are ancient portions of the city like Deira and Karama.

The emblem of EXPO2020 influenced the outside design of Dubai Frame, which is the world’s tallest building.

The Dubai Frame, a giant gold picture frame standing nearly 500 feet tall that was formerly known as the “Tallest Picture in the World” is considered the largest Gold picture frame in the world.

The glistening metal landmark stands in the center of Dubai’s Deira side, one of three peninsulas that serve as the branches of what is referred to locally as “The Palm Jumeirah.” It features panoramic glass lifts that take guests to its top said to be a soaring 492 feet above sea level whereupon getting off they can walk on a clear glass-bottom walkway along with clear glass flooring on top which spans out across all 313-foot width to allow for a unique experience for visitors who can see 360 degrees surrounding views of skyscrapers and nearby cities glittering beneath them.

January 2018 was the opening date for The Frame. Tickets can be purchased online or at the venue and cost between $5 and $14 (children under 3 and visitors with special needs or disabilities can enter for free).Every time you come to Dubai, you are overwhelmed by its scale and the endless possibilities it offers both locals and tourists.

Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame – But how do you make the best of it?

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Dubai Frame

Are you familiar with this place?

This picture frame is the largest in the world, and it symbolizes the connection between the old and the new city. This picture frame is made out of the same material as a battleship and it displays representative images that span all the different walks of life living in the now-world famous growing city.

There are panoramic glass lifts at the top that carry guests to the top of this golden frame of nearly 500 feet, where a clear glass walkway stretches for 313 feet. Visitors with special needs or disabilities can enter for free, while children under 3 and those with special needs can purchase tickets online or at the venue.

Did you enjoy your time there?

The place glows with an Instagram-worthy appeal. A lot goes into having that elegant glow in a place, and it’s more than just adding a few candles. There’s a construction element to it which requires more than interior designers and their discerning taste – you need craftsmen who are good with what they do.

Do guides accompany visitors?

Only school groups may be accompanied. In an effort to increase safety and accountability for kids, we will be limiting the number of adults accompanying them on any tour to two adults per group.

Where do visitors come from?

 The Dubai Frame is a popular selfies spot and official tourist attraction for most visitors to the city; international visitors flock here to take a picture or two in front of this marvelous structure.

A free-standing, 200-meter tall structure called the Dubai Frame has recently been erected next to the bustling city of Dubai. Dubbed a “small and simple art project,” this bold new landmark was designed as an observation point that can be used by thrill-seekers to snap stunning pictures and videos of themselves in action on top of the iconic giant U-frame structure.

What was your experience like?

In this respect, it does well in attracting attention because it is easily recognizable across the city. You feel like you are standing under a huge archway while under it. As impressive as the ride is and as breathtaking as the views are, the cafe is disappointing.

Is it best suited for what, or who?

The Frame, a dramatic-looking structure located in the heart of Dubai is sure to draw thousands of patrons. Named because it resembles one and sits right next to the old Financial District’s cubicle-like skyline, this cylindrical glass creation is going to be most appreciated by those who are fascinated with social media.

Those who are afraid of heights will probably want to stay at ground level since partaking in any of the photo opportunities such as climbing and paragliding will require going up on The Frame, a novel structure that gives a one-of-a-kind view of both old and new Dubai.

The Dubai Frame will be most appreciated by Instagram enthusiasts and photographers. They will get the most out of this unique view as this vantage point sits well above the rest! Those who are afraid of heights will probably want to stay at ground level.

And we don’t blame them, especially on days where there’s a lot of foot traffic or wind because you never know what could happen when you’re that high up! But remember, it’s encouraged to bring your kids here because they’ll love the observatory more than they’ll probably ever love watching planes alter their course mid-air.


How was the design for Dubai Frame?

Embedded on the outer facade of the Dubai Frame are designs depicting the logo. The Dubai Frame was built out of glass, steel, aluminum, and reinforced concrete. One side of the building offers visitors an excellent view of the modern landmarks of Dubai, while the other side of the building offers a great view of the older parts of the city.

The building’s top span is topped with a glass-bottom observation deck that offers panoramic views of almost 150 meters down. An exhibit predicting the city’s future is also on display in the lower span.

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Dubai Frame