Mycorrhizal Fungi Inoculant

How To Make Mycorrhizal Fungi Inoculant For Your Garden

Mycorrhizal fungi inoculant is one of the most important soil amendments you can add to your garden. Not only do they improve the health and nutrient content of the soil, but they also act as a natural pesticide, protecting your plants from pests and diseases. Adding mycorrhizal fungi inoculants to your garden is simple, and there are a number of ways to do it. In this article, we’ll show you how to make your own mycorrhizal fungi inoculant, using a recipe that is both easy and effective.

What is Mycorrhizal Fungi?

Mycorrhizal fungi are a great way to improve the growth and health of plants. These fungi attach themselves to plant roots and exchange nutrients with the plant. This helps the plant grow more vigorously and resist sickness. Mycorrhizal fungi are also known for their ability to increase soil fertility levels.

To inoculate your garden with mycorrhizal fungi, you will need some houseplant roots, some fungal spores, and water. First, sterilize your tools by boiling them in water for three minutes. Then, cut the plants’ roots about two inches below the soil line. Place the roots in a jar filled with sterile water and pour in enough spores to cover the roots. Leave the jars out on your deck or in a warm spot for about two weeks, stirring once a day. After two weeks, your garden should be ready to plant!

How to Make an Inoculant with Mycorrhizal Fungi

Inoculating your garden with mycorrhizal fungi can help improve the health of your plants, as well as increase their yields. Here are three tips on how to make an inoculant with mycorrhizal fungi:

1. Collect a sample of healthy plant material from around your garden and put it in a container. Make sure the material is moist, but not wet.

2. Fill a pot or jar half full of water and add enough mycorrhizal fungi spores to cover the surface of the material.

3. Agitate the mixture occasionally and let it sit for at least two weeks before using it in your garden.

What to Use the Inoculant For

There are a few different types of inoculant that can be used in gardens to help promote mycorrhizal fungi growth. One popular option is using a commercial inoculant, such as Establishment or Fungi-B-Gon. These products are available at most garden supply stores and typically contain various fungal spores along with other beneficial nutrients. You can also make your own inoculant using various compost ingredients, such as mycorrhizae spawn or compost tea. The choice of ingredients will depend on the specific conditions in your garden and the type of fungus you are trying to grow.


Maintaining a healthy garden is important for not just the aesthetic value, but also the nutritional value. One way to achieve this is by inoculating your plants with mycorrhizal fungi. In this article, we will explain what mycorrhizal fungi are and how you can make an inoculant to help propagate these beneficial organisms in your garden. Hopefully this information will help you get started on a path of gardening that benefits both you and your plants!

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