Selecting the Right Varistor for Your Application: A Guide with Mornsun

Varistors are essential components in electrical circuits that protect against transient voltage spikes and surges. However, selecting the right varistor for your application can be challenging, as different varistors have different characteristics and performance capabilities. Here is a varistor selection guide from Mornsun, a trusted manufacturer of power supply solutions.

Understanding Varistors

Varistors are non-linear voltage-dependent resistors that protect electrical circuits from voltage surges by clamping the voltage and dissipating the surge energy. They are made of a ceramic or metal oxide material that contains zinc oxide particles.

Varistor Selection Guide

When choosing a varistor, several factors need to be considered to ensure optimal performance and protection. Here are some key factors to consider:

1. Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage (MCOV): This is the maximum voltage that the varistor can withstand continuously without breakdown. It should be higher than the maximum operating voltage in the circuit.

2. Maximum Clamping Voltage (MCV): This is the voltage at which the varistor begins to conduct and clamp the voltage. It should be lower than the maximum voltage that the circuit can withstand.

3. Energy Absorption Capacity: This is the amount of energy that the varistor can absorb before failure. It should be higher than the energy level expected in the circuit.

4. Response Time: This is the time it takes for the varistor to respond to a voltage surge. A faster response time is better for protecting sensitive equipment.

Mornsun’s Varistor Products

Mornsun offers a range of varistor products that are designed for different applications and performance requirements. Their varistors have excellent energy absorption capacity, fast response time, and high reliability.

Varistors are essential components for protecting electrical circuits from voltage surges and spikes. By following this varistor selection guide and using Mornsun’s varistor products, you can choose the right varistor for your application and ensure optimal performance and protection for your electrical circuits.

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