AC Duct Cleaning Service

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AC Duct Cleaning Service

We are the best AC duct cleaning service provider in the town. We have been providing this service for the past ten years. Our expert professionals are trained to clean all types of AC ducts that are available in the market today.

Our AC cleaning professionals will provide complete services that include cleaning the blower, coil, fan, and air filter. Before we begin our work we always offer a complete estimate to our customers so there are no surprises at the end of the job.

All the chemicals and tools that we use for cleaning purposes are eco-friendly and can be used in the presence of kids and pets. Also, we make sure that your furniture is not damaged while we carry out our work. We always lay down drop cloths on all such items before we start the cleaning process.

It depends on duct size and places, so contact us for better prices.

After booking most of the case our expert technicians will be at your door within 2-3 hours, but if our expert busy, then we will take 5-6 hours. We do 24/7. 

It depends on the part that require, but don’t worry we will do wholesale prices. 

This is very simple, just call me at 0507882374 or whatsapp on same number, you can also fill our services form. 

Yes, we do repairing and maintenance around the Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman UAE.

Sorry to say that, if you will never repair or clean appliances, then you will pay 50 AED for inspection. If you will use our services then we will never charge you any inspection cost. 

We can do all brands and all kinds of home appliances cleaning and repairing. 

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