Abu Dhabi Automatic Inkjet Refilling Centre

Abu Dhabi Automatic Inkjet Refilling Centre

Behind Old Al Noor Hospital Abu Dhabi UAE

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Abu Dhabi Automatic Inkjet Refilling Centre Having built up a very solid and stable reputation for our quality products and services over the last one decade, Adarc Computer is the perfect choice, Refilling Centre as we offer unrivalled expertise for all your IT Solutions and we are proud to have assisted thousands of customers since opening our first store back in August 2007.

Abu Dhabi Automatic Inkjet Refilling Centre

Refilling Centre

ADARC was established in 2004 and has grown to be a leading UAE distributor of printer cartridge recycling/ refilling. We deliver services like ink cartridges refilling, laser cartridge refilling/recycling to market segments like Home Workers, Multi- National Companies, Schools and Colleges and of course the General Public.

ADARC was founded on the premise of ‘Reuse’, the most significant form of recycling. Why take a product which is simply empty and throw it away? Would you get rid of your car every time its fuel tank was empty? Obviously not. So why throw away your ink and toner cartridges just because they are empty? With ADARC’s strict remanufacturing process, our 100% Guarantee and the eco-friendly benefits, there is every reason to buy our cartridges.

ADARC is a great value alternative to printer brands like HP, Canon, Epson, and Brother and when you switch from the printer brands to ADARC’s recycled cartridges, you will save money on your inkjet and laser toner cartridges. We may compromise on price, but no compromise on quality.


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