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Al Tawheed Trading Information Service

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The trading game has changed following a global pandemic, stock market crash, and economic uncertainty worldwide. Traders today must drill down with highly-focused strategies to find which setups are working today — especially in a highly volatile market.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn in the “How To Grow An Options Account” webinar:

Know where to look to find ‘winners’ in a wild market

Danielle’s top methods for trading options (including calls, spreads, and butterflies)

How Danielle generates big profits using options — 50-300% regular winners!

In the “How To Grow An Options Account”  webinar, veteran trader Danielle Shay will share her super-charged options trading plan, tools, and strategies that helped her dreams come true. Danielle started her trading journey as a struggling, single mom and teacher with a dream of a more fulfilling and financially secure future. Options trading was the jumpstart into a new world of financial freedom and a lifestyle that balances career and family.

Al Tawheed Trading Information Service

Today, Danielle serves as the VP of Options at Simpler Trading, where she continues her teaching passion through online training focused on helping options traders. She shares the details of how she makes her stock picks, her top options formulas, and how to master the use of options strategies.

Options trading offers expanded choices in the market for traders who want to target trades with higher profit potential.


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