Bin Ablan Foods Industry

Bin Ablan Foods Industry

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Bin Ablan Foods Industry has been around for quite a bit of time now. However, since we opened our eyes we have been working on one thing only! CAKES! mainly Cupcakes actually!

Bin Ablan Foods Industry

The idea of opening up a cupcake plant came to Mr. Mohsen Al Mazrouei (Our BIG BOSS) during one of his visits to Spain. For that matter, a lot of Spanish influence can be found at Bin Ablan, our fully automated production plant is Spanish, a huge chunck of our raw materials are imported from Spain. However the most important Spanish presence lies is the joint venture we have with one of the oldest and most established cupcake producers over there. Our collaboration helps in constantly developing our top secret formulas which bring to you our fluffy and moist cupcakes every day.


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