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Animal Welfare Organizations In Dubai

Animal Welfare Organizations In Dubai

Animal welfare organizations are non-profit agencies that are responsible for health, disease and stray animals. These organizations look after stray animals and protect them from any environmental influence and weather. There are several animal welfare association in Dubai who are working for stray and suffering animals. They gather stray and injured animals from all around and they migrate them to a suitable place to live and give them a suitable diet at their owned animal welfare center. The international fund for animal welfare is raised from all over the world to run a non-profit organization Welfare Animal. Besides, they campaign for adopting pets. People looking for buying pets are aware of these organizations to adopt pets instead of purchasing from other resources. These non-profit organizations not only look after stray animals but do animal treatment to get them recovered.

Here is a list of top animal rights organizations in Dubai who are working for stray animals. Let’s have a look at it.

1- Animal Action UAE

Animal Action UAE was established in June 2010 in Dubai and registered as animal rights society and still working with high potential, stronger and like a powerful volunteer to protect animals and feed them. Since its creation, it has rehomed and rescued several thousand animals mostly cats and dogs in UAE. This organization depends upon funding, since the last two years, its working disturbed due to the unavailability of funding. They don’t have shelters but use to rescue and rehome animals by its staff structure. This organization is associated with Emirates Animal  Welfare Society. The appreciations for the founder of Animal Action UAE are for because he was nominated for Ahlan ‘Best Personality’ award in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 respectively.

2- Arabian Saluki Center of Dubai (ASCOD)

Arabian Saluki Center of Dubai (ASCOD) is a non-profit organization born ten years ago in August 2019. Basically established with three people meeting namely Mohammad Darwish, Rawan Quinn, and Yelena Valeci respectively in Dubai. ASCOD is assisting the stray pets like cats, dogs and puppies etc to rehome them and rescue. Having a group of large no of shelter homes for pets in Dubai is the 2nd largest animal rights organizations in Dubai. Rescued thousand of pets to feed and looking after makes ASCOD unique in its working for wild animal protection. The uniqueness of ASCOD lies in the blue wheel protection. Having the world’s largest rescue home for fish. They also campaign for adopting pets from them or any other organization instead of buying pets from others. Like other animal welfare organizations in Dubai, it also relies on funding. Fundraise campaign is run on world animal welfare day world animal welfare day every year.

3- Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter

Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter is governed by Abu Dhabi GOVT and this decision was taken by govt members to secure and rescue stray dogs and cats who are roaming in streets and roads of Dubai. Established on April 15, 2010. The decision of creating the first Animal welfare organizations in dubai reflexes the efforts of the Abu Dhabi government to set a role model for animal protection organisations on local, regional and international standards. The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital was granted the license for this organization. This project consisted of two phases to rescue animals. 1st phase includes neutered cats roaming anywhere, was going and coming, finally rescued in Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital. 2nd phase lies about stray dogs in streets, roads, etc then were sent to Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital. This organization has rescued several stray dogs and cats and protected them from other environmental factors.

4- 38 Smiles

In concisely, 38smiles established in November 2011 as a way for us to express its personal quest in saving the animal welfare organizations in dubai. Since then 38smiles has upraised into a group of people ready to assist as many stray dogs and cats as we can to beloved pets. We do have faith in keeping things ’small’ and personal. For this organization, it is not about the number of animals they rescue but about the care they grant stray animals. 38smiles only works with STRAY animals. 38smiles has no wrong policy to get rid of stray animals. No cost is too high for them when it comes to giving an animal a second chance.
38smiles is a non-profit animal welfare organizations in dubai.  It covers its costs with donations and funding from the public. It takes part in Safa Park flea market; It has book sales together with Greenheart Organic Farms; It doesn’t charge adoption fees when the animal is rehomed; It has charity bake sales thanks to No Milk For Me.

5-Animal Welfare Dubai

Animal Welfare Dubai is a non-profit animal welfare association but it is a small association. It is a small group of volunteers, appreciated to assisting desk, injured and abundant stray animals in Dubai. It doesn’t run campaigns for fundraising or donations. This animal welfare center is aimed to rescue your sick or injured pets. This animal welfare center offers its visitors free animal treatment. It is listed in one of the top animal rights organizations.

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